Privacy Policy

Mee Basket can collect personal information to assist you in placing and receiving delivery orders and to enhance Mee Basket. This Privacy Notice outlines how Vivan Group Pty Ltd company traded as Mee Basket ("Mee Basket," "we," "us," or "our") manages your personal details when you access or use (the "Site"), the Mee Basket Mobile App and every other website or mobile application.

Your access to and use of our Services is subject to our Terms and Conditions which set out some of the terms used in this Privacy Statement (Privacy Policy).

In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (including the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), we are dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and security of the personal information we collect about our customers.

Data Collection

We may collect or receive information about you when you use our Services. We usually don't encourage people to communicate anonymously with us or use a pseudonym.

We may collect or receive information about you when you use our Services. We usually don't encourage people to communicate anonymously with us or use a pseudonym.

When you don't give us your personal details, we may not be able to provide you with the Services.

Data You explicitly provide

You can provide us with information while using our Services, including when you register with MeeBasket, search through our Services inside or place orders, contact us with inquiries respond to surveys or otherwise access our Services.

You can provide us with information while using our Services, including when you register with MeeBasket, search through our Services inside or place orders, contact us with inquiries respond to surveys or otherwise access our Services.

Such details may include your name, email address, telephone or Mobile number, delivery address, and payment information, including credit card information and billing address used to complete the purchase transaction, as well as other information that may identify you.

We collect information related to that order when you place an order through our Services, including searches conducted through the Services, the products or services purchased and the date and time of purchase and delivery. You can also opt to ratings for your Delivery andfor the Food Service Provider, franchisor or other retailer ("Merchant") from whom you have ordered.

Personal information that we collect can include:

Your name and other contact information including landline and cell phone numbers, address and email address; any other personal information which may include your volunteer's age, date of birth, gender, email details, nationality.

Data We Automatically Collect

We can also automatically collect and store such information concerning you and your device(s) when you visit or use our Website and Services. Can include this information:

Information about the computer you are using to access our Services, the web browser style and operating system that you use to access our Services, Your IP address, Your Internet service provider Domain Name, The main pages of Mee Basket that you visit, the material you access, the apps you use and the date and time of your visits, your terms of search, the website you visited before accessing our Services.

Business provider information

Your business information including business address, address of any manufacturing or foodprocessing facility; price details and other information required to facilitate service provision.

Social Networking

The Mee Basket Services can allow you to access social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram directly or indirectly through Mee Basket Services, among others You will also have the option of posting content via Mee Basket Services to a Social Network.

For instance, you can refer a friend to become a Mee Basket Customer via the Mee Basket Services through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn links. Bear in mind that your Social Network behaviour is controlled by the social network and not by Mee Basket, and may be visible or publicly accessible.

You can also choose to allow or sign in via a Social Network to the Mee Basket app and, as outlined in more detail in our Mee Basket Privacy Statement. Your Mee Basket Services account and information may sometimes be connected to your Mee Basket customer accounts and any associated social networks that you have allowed through Mee Basket.

Mee Basket Privacy Policy Changes

The Services at MeeBasket may change from time to time. As a result, we reserve the right to update or modify this Mee Basket Privacy Statement without prior notice, at any time and from time to time.

If we make any material changes to the way we use your personal information or disclose it to you, we will notify you by email at the email address you have provided to us. If you do not agree to any aspect of this Privacy Policy, then we will not be able to provide you with the Site or Application and you will stop accessing the Site or Application and disable your Mee Basket account.

For more information on deactivating your Mee Basket account, visit

Customer Marketing preferences

In each case, where you have indicated your agreement, you accept that we may:

1.Using your contact information to inform you of I any of our products and services which may be of interest to you. 2. Any of the products or services of our partners which may be of interest to you. 3.Share details with third parties in order to inform them of products and services that could be of interest to you.

For each case, depending on your preferences, you can receive communications by phone, text messaging, and/or e-mail.

In case if you don’t want to continue with Mee Basket, at any time you can choose to opt out from our services by simply email us or select “Unsubscribe” from our services in the app or site or email our support team.


Mee Basket has implemented administrative, technical, and physical security controls that are designed to safeguard personal information.

Unfortunately, data transmission through the internet is not fully secure.

While we will take measures to protect your information, we can not guarantee the protection of your transmitted data to the Mee Basket website or the App; any transmissionis at your own risk.

Use of Cookies

The design of the applications uses cookies or similar technologies. In summary, we may usecookies or other similar technologies to autolog you into the app, to authenticate an API, toobtain your location, to obtain technical details about your device that may affect the Mee Basket App's technical functionality, and to obtain information about your delivery and the status and activities of your order, and to create and enforce activities, that we use for carrying out and improving our operational services.

You have the option to use your system settings to reject or disable these functional cookie or similar technologies that we use, but please be aware that if you do so, the Mee Basket app does not operate properly, and you will not be able to use Mee Basket to perform your services.

Through installing the Mee Basket app, sending this notice and other updates in or before downloading the App, you confirm that you consent to our use of cookies.

If you disagree, please delete or disable our Mee Basket App.

Use of Information

Business providers, manufacturers, and consultants the information you send to us will be transferred to and processed on our servers and/or on the servers of our third party partners who can process your information for us.

Such third parties include vendors or suppliers, business associates and subcontractors, providers of software, analytics and data storage, our input and survey providers, history and right to work verification providers, on-board and payment providers and expert advisors.

If Legislation Requires

We accept that information concerning your orders can include private details.

Furthermore, if necessary, to protect and defend our legal rights, protect the health and security of users of our Services, prevent fraud, comply with the law, respond to legal proceedings, we may be required to disclose your details to third parties, including law enforcement agencies; And a request from a government agency to collaborate.