Top Questions

After an order is received, we process it immediately, sending it to the respective store. However sometimes stores may receive a very large number of orders which may delay the process of dispatching your order.

There could be external factors too that can contribute to the delay like heavy traffic or extreme weather conditions. If your order has been delayed beyond the estimated delivery time, then please contact us at +61 459 127 154. We will look into what could be reason behind the delay resolve it accordingly.

If you have a voucher code, you can redeem it at the time you are checking out. Once you have selected a store and added the items to your basket, you will see a field to enter the voucher code. Once you have entered the code your discounted amount will be calculated immediately. Only one voucher can be used for a single order.

In case your voucher is not getting accepted then contact our support team at +61 459 127 154.

There are many stores enlisted with Meebasket that offer discounts. You can go to the "Store with Discounts" tab to view all the stores currently offering discounts.


Ordering from Mee Basket is very easy. Just follow the simple steps listed below to have your order delivered to your doorstep

1. Tell us where you are: Enter your location to get the list of the stores nearest to you.
2. Choose the products you want: Once you select the store pick the items you want and add your basket.
3. Checkout: Enter the details of your address, payment method and a phone number where you can be contacted if needed with regards to your order.
4. Opt to pick up: You can opt to pick up your order from the store. You will find the option on the checkout page. You will be notified by SMS or email once the order is ready and you can go within the business hours of the store to pick your order.

In case you want to make a change with the order or cancel it after you have submitted the order request, please contact our support team at +61 459 127 154.

We will inform the store before it starts processing your order. Please contact Mee Basket For any refunds of payments you have made online.

Absolutely. You can enter the postcode for the area you want the order to be delivered to. Our search result will list out all the stores located in that area and process your order to be delivered to the address you have entered.

No, our platform currently does not support this facility. However, you can place multiple orders for items from different stores.

You may not be able to make major changes with the address once you have placed an order. However, minor changes like flat number or house number, street name, landmark etc can be changed. You can alternatively contact the store you have ordered from or contact our customer support team at +61 459 127 154 to redirect the delivery.

The delivery time varies with the store you order from and the number of orders they are processing at a time. It also depends on the distance of the store from your delivery address as well.

The estimated delivery time for each store is displayed on our website based on the address that you choose. After placing an order a more precise delivery time is sent to you by SMS on your registered mobile number.

The delivery cost may vary with the store and is determined primarily by the proximity of your delivery address to the store. While few stores do offer free delivery, longer distances for delivery may result in an additional charge. The delivery cost can be checked on our website for each store.

We process "online payments" only on our website. Once your order has been placed, you will be directed to our secure payment page where you can make the payment for the bill amount. Once the payment has been confirmed your order will be transmitted to your selected store.

Ordering online through Mee Basket has multiple advantages:
1. Discover: You can browse through hundreds of stores and their menus offering you scores of products with offers you cannot resist.
2. Take your time: There is no hassle about rushing through the list of products. You don't miss on any available products and you can take as much time as you want to decide what you want to buy.
3. Informed choice: With the multiple reviews available in our portal you can make the right choice without any doubt.
4. Convenient payment: Mee Basket payment is absolutely safe and secure and you can save your payment details to facilitate the next transaction.
5. Keep record: Your profile in Mee Basket will allow you to view past products giving you the feasibility to reorder in a matter of seconds.

How It Works

Mee Basket is an online platform that connects consumers with their local stores and retailers for groceries, flowers, Fruits & Vegetables. It simplifies shopping and equips you with your daily essentials with just a few clicks.

At Mee Basket we believe in empowering the customers as well as the local businesses. We are creating a people friendly platform that connects buyers to the sellers in a hassle free manner.

To view the list of stores that can deliver to your location, just enter your postcode or activate your GPS locator.

Our opening hours are dependent on the functioning hours of the local stores. However you can place your order for later even before or after the opening hours of the store. Once the store accepts your order we will send in your confirmation.

The delivery areas that are serviced will vary with stores that you select and Mee Basket has no influence over this. Once you enter your area code you will be able to browse through all the stores that deliver in your area.

Managing your Account

Click on the Login/Register tab on the upper right corner of the home page. Fill up your information in the "Create an account" section and then click on "Register". Alternatively you can directly place your order and then register at the time of updating your delivery details. Once updated all the information will be saved to your account profile.

1. Visit www.meebasket.comor open your Consumer app click Forgot Password
2. Enter your email address on the pop up box that appears on the page.
• You’ll receive an email with instructions and a reset password link.
3. Click on the link inside the email and enter a unique strong password.

If you do not receive an email with the reset information, please contact Mee Basket Support.

There are definitely many advantages of signing up with Mee Basket:

1. Your previous delivery details will be saved so you don't have to enter them all over again on your next order.
2. You can track previous orders.
3.You can quickly make re-orders.
4. You can get amazing deals at the stores near you.
5. You can track availability of stock of a product across stores through a single app/website.
6. You can order your daily essentials from anywhere and have them delivered wherever you want.
There are many more advantages... register with us and discover them!