Empowering your neighbourhood Grocers

  • 24 March 2022

Empowering local sellers 

In the past two years we have seen some times that we’d never imagined before. Empty roads, locked houses, masked faces; all seem like scenes out of movies. But reality was undeniable. It is these two years that has set a whole new outlook about business sustainability. There were many businesses that suffered massive losses while others had to close shop. But in the midst of this chaos there is one segment that remained unscathed and in fact thrived during the pandemic.

Yes. The businesses that were built on the online platform could sustain without getting the needed footfall to their physical outlets. Many establishments in fact just operated online and did much better business. We know that such circumstances have the possibility of recurrence. Meaning there could again be a global event that could make us head indoors and rely on online services.

Going digital instantly

MeeBasket’s offers an online platform for businesses to go online instantly. Its main aim is to empower the local businesses and give them the digital space without having to go through the elaborate process of developing an eCommerce space and then maintaining it.

With an online presence, smaller businesses can reach out to a wider customer base and earn more. While operating through physical shops they can continue to do business online giving them twice the scope to increase their revenue. Moreover, the secure payment gateway gives businesses the safety of all their transactions and allows them to track their online sales easily.

Localizing the growth potential 

MeeBasket currently is associated with various grocery and convenience stores spread across Australia. We have helped many businesses to go online and enhance their sales. As an eMarketer, MeeBasket is letting people shop local and have their products delivered or picked the same day.

Additionally, MeeBasket will help in running campaigns to increase awareness among customers about sales and discounts. Businesses that want to go national from being local can take advantage of MeeBaskets presence across Australia.

There has been a considerable change in customer behavior and expectations over the last two years. There is a very low possibility of customers moving away from the online mode of shopping. It gives them the ease they have never experienced before. This is the right time for every local business to go digital and enhance their growth curve exponentially.