Build a strong immunity with the freshest fruits and vegetables

  • 18 March 2022

In the current world you cannot afford to not take care of your health. You need to take special care of the food you eat, because that is one factor which is completely under your control.

The best way to boost your immunity is by having the seasonal fruits and vegetables that are filled with nutrients. While dried fruits do retain some of its nutritional value you will find that it lacks the flavor of fresh produce.

At MeeBasket we aim to make the freshest fruits and vegetables available to you. We are aligned with the best grocers in your area to ensure you have a constant flow of your favorite fruits and vegetables. That too at rates that are affordable. 

Nature has an amazing way of making just the right foods available at the right season. Be it vegetables, herbs and fruits; they contribute highly to develop your immune system.

Add the goodness of nature to your diet

There is no doubt that processing fruits and vegetables help in retaining a vital amount of its nutritive value. However the processing steps do result in the loss of soluble minerals and vitamins and other heat sensitive components. 

While freezing is noted as a safe method to preserve food it does result in the loss of heat sensitive nutrients and surface minerals. This lowers the nutritional output of the processed fruits and veggies that you eat.

Fresh produce that are sourced directly from the farms have the most nutritive value while being the most flavorsome. When you opt for fresh produce you are opting out of all the various additives and preservatives that are added to the processed food items.

Foods that are high in nutritional content help to boost your immunity. It helps you ward off infections and diseases by building your body’s response system. Canned and processed fruits and vegetables ofcourse do give you the advantage of a perennial supply but there is nothing compared to the unadulterated goodness that fresh produce can bring.

This season make sure you have ordered the freshest fruits and vegetables from MeeBasket!