About Us

Meebasket is a digital platform where customers can order Groceries, fruits and vegetables and flowers from the local stores and retailers nearby. Customers can access the Meebasket website to select the store they want to buy from and buy the products they choose from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Meebasket aims to nullify the effort that millions of customers have to put in to buy their daily essentials. Our website is built in the most user friendly way with easy navigation to ensure that using the website is not a challenge for any age group. This we hope will make getting a home delivery for any products a cake walk for all those customers who may not always find it feasible to walk out of home.

The online delivery option omits the long travels to hunt for a particular product, queuing up for the billing and the hassle of carrying the packages back home. With Meebasket you can choose the products from the store you want and have them delivered to your homes with a few clicks.

Our Story

Meebasket is the dream child of a group of young and vivacious entrepreneurs who have years of experience in software development. As the world is getting smaller with digital presence in every facet of our lives, we felt that there were various small businesses and local stores who were lagging behind due to the lack of information or due to the financial constraints.

We made it our personal mission to bring these local stores and businesses to the forefront by connecting them to their customers on a unified digital platform. This is not just an advantage for the local sellers but for the customers as well who would have a more reliable, fast and easy access to products from their neighbourhood suppliers.

Our Vision

Meebasket as a technology partner aims to connect local stores with their customers in their respective suburbs. Founded in the year 2019, Meebasket is functional across Melbourne, Australia now and is working to widen its reach to other cities as well.

Meebasket through its unified platform aims to empower local merchants to grow their businesses by giving them an immediate digital presence and making them accessible to a huge customer base while offering flexible delivery options.